Barb Goffman
Mystery Writer

Book Club questions for the stories in Don't Get Mad, Get Even


Mary Ellen dreams about a dragon stinging her. Only after seeing the tip of Brady's cigarette glowing in the dark does she realize the dragon represented her long-gone father, who used to burn her with his cigarettes. Do you ever have dreams that push you to remember parts of your past that you've tried to forget?

Brady starts out seeming like a good, protective older brother. By the story's end, you learn his protective tendencies are much darker. Were you surprised? Do you think Mama and Mary Ellen will ever break free from Brady, who wants to keep them all to himself?

Mary Ellen was rescued from the nightmare of physical abuse only to end up in another nightmare. If you were Mary Ellen, what would you have done upon finally seeing Brady for who he really is?

Bon Appetit

In this story, the federal government ultimately confirmed what scientists had been saying for months--that the world was soon going to be destroyed by an asteroid. Do you think our government would do the same these days? Or would the information be called fake news? Are there valid reasons for not confirming this information, such as avoiding mass panic? Would you want to know the truth?

In the Earth's final days, people in some cities came together in peace, while in other cities, rioting broke out. What do you think would happen in the final days if something like this were to occur?

Violet chose to spend her final night finally standing up for herself, then spent time reminiscing with her brother. Jenny spent her last day visiting with her best friend before cooking for her family. Duane spent his last day drinking before pushing his wife to have sex; he planned to be asleep to avoid the final awful moments. How would you want to spend the last few hours if you knew the world was going to end?

What did you think of the way Violet finally stood up for herself?